‚The hell hole‘

Refugees described Moria as a „hell hole for non-Syrians“. It is Lesbos‘ main camp where all arrivals must register. Police prohibits journalists from visiting without an escort, speaking to refugees, or even photographing the facilities. Aid workers are outnumbered by riot police… I made this reportage exclusive with the authorization of the Greek Government.

Many people slept exposed to the cold at night without tents, sleeping bags, or warm clothing. Volunteers save their blankets for children and those who arrive soaked in sea water.

The toilets consist of a few portable toilets and concrete rooms floored with swamps of human waste. Between two locked and fenced off ‘reception centres’ bristling with razor wire, a steep slope leads to the office where everyone must register to proceed to Athens – or anywhere else.

Hundreds queued through blistering heat and cold of night while riot police loomed over the line. Women and children, the sick and injured were all subject to the same conditions.

The refugees are traumatized, hungry, thirsty and exhausted. Waves of panic and frustration are commonplace. Refugees and volunteers widely report that the police, lacking any proper training, often respond with violence.

Antonio Cossa

Antonio Cossa
Antonio Cossa: Mozambican photojournalist Educated in photo-documentary, literary-journalism and Film. He began his career in 2003 and during his journey he worked with Mozambican and international medias. He also collaborated with NGOs as the Unicef and the British council. At the moment Antonio is an independent photojournalist and Member of United Photo Press and Association of Czech Press (APF). In 2007, Antonio started to focus more on social issues. In 2008-09 he documented the pilgrims of Fatima in North of Portugal. 2014-15:-Life and stories of Holocaust survivors. With the help and follow-up of Steven Spielberg. He documented ritual of initiation of different isolated tribes and Indigenous people from Africa and Asia. Currently working on the frontline in the Worst Refugee crisis since WW2. Antonio started covering this issue from August 2015 on the Serbian and Hungarian border. In September at the Slovenian and Austrian border. Very recently, in January 2016 he traveled alone to Lesbos Island in Greece and the border of Macedonia. “The Main Reason of this Project is to give a voice to people in need and to inform the society about this humanitarian crisis.” – says Antonio Antonio Cossa had the privilege during his career to portray officially many celebrities and public figures such as Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Mike Tyson, Richard Gere, John Travolta, Václav Havel and the list goes on. His objective as a photographer is to tell a story with the camera, showing emotions, culture, habits and lifestyle of people trough the image.


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